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Wine cellar mantainance


Don't let this happen to you! This is just one example of a clogged wine cellar evaporator coil unit.
This customer had a local builder install their wine cellar cooling equipment, but they did not offer any mantainance program once the installation was done. This system only operated a couple of years before it totally shut down for abvious reasons.The coil was so clogged up with air born debries the evaporator fan motor burn out.The builder was no laonger available to help them. Concernd about their valueable wines no longer being refrigerated at the right temperatures,they called Germano Wine Cellar for help!

The following photo's shown our team of wine cellar cooling system technicians on the job doing a deep cleaning of their wine cellar cooling system equipment.
We also replacing the existing burned out fan motor with a brand new fan motor and got their cooling system back up and running the same day!

Evaporator Fan Motor Rplacement:


Our Licensed Technicians:



More Information you should know about Wine Cellar Cooling Sytem Warranties!

Your wine cellar cooling equipment is the heart of your wine cellar. See the importance as to why you must only allow a wine cellar perfessional to maintain your valueable cooling equipment with a yearly maintenance program!

Below is taken from a featured article in the Nashville Interior Magazine 2013 edition:

 “It’s really a bad idea to trust your wine investment to a contractor who’s not a dedicated wine cellar specialist,” Germano says. “Many builders and contractors who employ multiple sub-contractor's to do their work, simply don’t have the knowledge or the experience to produce a properly constructed state-of-the-art custom wine cellar.
 They may build a wine cellar that looks
good aesthetically, but the end result will leave the homeowner with an ongoing maintenance nightmare that could cost them thousands in repairs,but could have been avoided!

 “I hear so many horror stories from homeowners who have found out the hard way they didn’t do what was needed to protect their wine investment,(namely,research and find the most reputable and dedicated wine cellar professional in your area)Then collect past customer references with names and numbers you can actually contact!”Germano adds. 

 Costly mistakes you can avoid, made by “non-dedicated wine cellar contractor’s”

Wine cellar construction can go wrong in various ways. One example is A), Improper Cooling Equipment: The cooling system is the heart of your wine cellar.It’s not uncommon for an inexperienced contractor to install the wrong cooling system (not taking into account all the variables set forth by the cooling system manufacture's specifications.) It should be noted here, that the major cooling system manufactures have had so many claims over recent years, by home owner’s calling them to replace a one or two year old cooling system because of unit failure, that now these cooling system manufactures realized, that the failure was not on their part at all (their equipment) but on the part of the contractor the home owner hired to build their wine cellar! As a result, the cooling system manufactures will no longer warrantee these expensive cooling systems, unless you can prove that all the industry conditions of proper wine cellar construction methods have been met. They now provide detailed equipment operational data sheets that must be filled out correctly by the a Licensed installer who include the equipment model and serial numbers and then submit that data sheet to the MFG for review before the MFG’S equipment warranties can be issued to the customer.They also now have added in the equipment owner manuals, “We only recommend you consult and hire only dedicated wine cellar professionals to build your wine cellar”.This will insure their warranty policies will be enforced and increase the life of the cooling equipment, and more importantly for your peace of mind, that your new cooling equipment will maintain the correct temperatures (between 55 and 58 degrees) and (70% relative humidity) thus, creating a stable controlled environment that will provide the best possible conditions for long term storage and aging of your valuable wine collection!
A little sigh of relief here is, (Germano Wine Cellars takes care of all this for you!) we believe you should not need to worry about so many details, that is our job and why you must hire a dedicated wine cellar professional.
Note: should you already have a wine cellar, but have concerns about your aging cooling equipment not functioning correctly, we repair, replace and can provide you with a yearly maintenance Package to keep your wine cellar operating at peak performance for many years to come. 
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