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Sophisticated Cellars 
By  on November 22, 2006

"The most important thing you can do for your investment is to make sure the storage conditions are absolutely correct," he says. So it's no surprise that wine cellars, once thought of as a simple rack in a dark, musty basement, are getting luxury makeovers that stress perfect function as well as elegant form. Think of them as insurance policies, on the one hand, and showrooms on the other.

 Germano wine cellars can assess your collection and your space, and build a room that suits your budget and the way in which you intend to interact with your collection. Novice collectors with fewer than a thousand bottles will typically opt for a cellar with basic racking and a high-performance climate control system that ensures proper aging. 

 Air-Conditioned Comfort

 But for connoisseurs with larger collections there are no limits on what these designers can build. Custom racks built from cherry, teak, or mahogany with curved corners, low-voltage display lighting, stone-tiled floors, hand-painted artwork, and fully furnished tasting rooms are a few of the most in-demand extravagances you can have—for a price. 

 "A properly built wine cellar is the foundation to the security and aging of your vintage wines," says Matthew Germano of Germano Wine Cellars. The Nashville-based designer's first priority when building a wine cellar of any size or cost is installing vapor barriers, insulation, cooling systems, ventilation, and weather-tight doors. All of these are essential to creating and maintaining a stable temperature of about 55 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of about 70%—wine's preferred climate!


Germano Wine Cellars were featured in the Nashville WinePress August/September 2006 issue.

Nashville WinePress is Middle Tennessee's "premiere wine resource" offering interviews, happenings, wine reviews and articles "all designed to quench your thirst for wine knowledge." 

"Stellar Cellars" Nashville Wine Press (click this link for article)


  Germano Custom Wine Cellars are proud to have recently been featured in two wonderful books produced by Schiffer Publishing. "Wine Cellar Design" as well as,
"Entertainment Rooms, Home Theaters, Bars, and Game Rooms"
can be found in Schiffer's "Additional Lifestyle" category. To find out more information about these two books please visit the links below:

"Wine Cellar Design"
"This thorough and inspiring book provides a vicarious tour of the best in wine bottle storage. Visit more than 100 absolutely stunning, private wine cellars in over 200 beautiful color photographs. Peruse racking systems, tasting tables, and artful touches, created by leading wine cellar designers, including Paul Wyatt, Kathleen Valentini, Gary LaRose, and Doug Smith. Additionally, this is a guidebook to wine cellars in some of the world's most renowned hotels and restaurants, where private parties can reserve a table and dine amidst coveted vintages. The book also visits handsome displays in restaurants that showcase wine programs to customers. The result is thousands of wonderful ideas for wine storage and display. This is the first work of its kind, making it an invaluable guide for architects, designers, and discerning homeowners and restaurateurs."


To order your own copy click this link:

 Entertainment Rooms, Home Theaters, Bars, and Game Rooms 
Book Description:

Germano wine cellars is well known for their custom wine cellar storage rooms.In this book, we feature thier unique wine cellar tasting rooms!
"If you are contemplating a stay-cation this year, you might want to pump a little money into your resort. Perhaps an upgrade of your TV room to home theater, or the addition of a neighborhood bar where you can hang out and listen to your favorite music. This book takes you to homes where the owners have invested in their own private Shangri-Las, from upgraded entertainment rooms to full-out theater experiences complete with popcorn machines. In addition to super dramatic cinematic presentations, there are home bars that range from the simple corner counter to sports bars with multiple viewing screens and billiard tables. For those with more refined tastes there are wine cellars and tasting rooms, and the book rounds off with a splash, exploring indoor pools. Nearly 200 lavish, full-color photographs will convince you that there really is no place like home."

To order your own copy click this link: